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Valid from April 21, 2022


1. Euroboor warranty


Euroboor stands for quality. All Euroboor machines are carefully inspected and tested and meet our strictest quality requirements. In the unfortunate event of premature failure, we will take care of your machine under the conditions of our warranty terms. Handling of warranty claims takes place under the warranty terms as applicable on date of purchase.


2. Warranty terms


2.1: Euroboor warranty covers malfunctions on purchased machines caused by material defect or manufacturing error, clearly presenting themselves within the warranty period.


2.2: Euroboor applies the following warranty periods


12 months (+ additional 12 months after registration)

-          Powertools

-          Battery chargers

-          Lifting magnets


12 months (no extension possible)

-          Batteries

-          Pneumatic Tools / Air machines

-          Powerstation (or 300 charge cycles)


2.3: Start date of the (extended) warranty period and extension is the date of purchase stated on the original proof of purchase.


2.4: Warranty claims follow the sales channel in reverse, with assessment and corrective measures to be initiated by the first authorized dealer or service point in this reverse line.


2.5: Euroboor or any of its authorized dealers and service points will always solve the malfunction of a validated warranty case by:

-          Repair of the malfunctioning machine covering cost of parts and labour, or if repair appears to be impossible or too costly at Euroboor’s sole discretion:

-          Replacement of the machine with an equal alternative, or if repair or replacement are not possible at Euroboor’s sole discretion:

-          Refund of the machine only


2.6: In the situation the malfunction of a machine is not considered to be a valid warranty case, Euroboor will offer a repair proposal with matching quotation. The machine will only be repaired after written approval of the machine owner.


2.7: To be able to apply for warranty, the date of defect must be within the warranty period, with the claim to follow within 4 weeks. This requires the submission or sending of the complete affected tool with the original sales receipt (which must indicate the purchase date, product description and serial number), to be to the Euroboor distributor in your country or to Euroboor directly.


2.8: If a claim is made within the extended part of the warranty period based on the above mentioned registration, the proof of registration must also be submitted.


2.9: Partial or complete disassembly of a machine will void the warranty.


2.10: The warranty does not cover the costs of transport, nor the risks related to the transportation of your machine to and from your authorized dealer, service point and/or to and from Euroboor directly.


2.11: The warranty does not cover:

-          Components that are subject to natural wear and tear caused by use in accordance with operating instructions

-          Defects in the tool caused by non-compliance with the operating instructions, improper use, abnormal environmental conditions, inappropriate operating conditions, overload or insufficient servicing or maintenance

-          Defects caused by using accessories, components or spare parts other than original Euroboor parts

-          Machines that have been modified

-          Machines with repairs not performed by Euroboor or any of its authorized dealers and service points

-          Accessories supplied with the machine


2.12: All warranty assessments made by Euroboor or any of its authorized dealers and service points are conclusive and final.


2.13: Rental machines are excluded from these warranty terms. Alternative (rental) conditions may apply.


2.14: Note that for some countries or regions our warranty terms might differ in detail.


Dutch law shall apply to this warranty to the exclusion of the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG) in so far as this is permitted by national legislation.


Euroboor B.V.

Kryptonstraat 110

2718 TD Zoetermeer

The Netherlands


3. Warranty extension by machine registration


Euroboor offers the possibility or registering Euroboor powertools, battery chargers and lifting magnets. This offers a number of benefits:

-          Extended warranty period

-          Validation of being the original machine owner

-          Full service and repair history (when performed at Euroboor)

-          Information about Euroboor product offerings and promotions


Our standard warranty terms apply to the extended warranty with the following additional terms:

-          Extension of warranty period only applies to Euroboor powertools, battery chargers and lifting magnets (batteries, pneumatic tools and powerstation excluded).

-          The extension of the warranty period beholds an additional 12 months to the standard 12 month warranty period.

-          Registration of Euroboor machines other than powertools, battery chargers and lifting magnets is possible, but does not extend the original warranty period.

-          In order to apply for warranty extension, machine registration must take place within 4 weeks after date of purchase.

-          Since the registration takes place on basis of machine serial number, every machine must be registered separately.

-          Registration can be completed on our website.

-          Upon registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail which is your proof of registration. In the event of a warranty claim this proof of registration must be presented together with the original proof of purchase. Any difference mentioned on the 2 documents (such as date of purchase) will void your warranty.

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