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    Automatic Magnetic Drilling Machine

    Efficient drilling to the second power. Featuring a newly designed self-feed system our automatic machines offer the top level of technology. With highly intelligent electronics, the most stable construction in the market and functionalities such as "automatic return", these drilling machines will actually drill holes with the highest efficiency. There is no doubt our automatic drilling machines will help you increase productivity and cost savings like no other. 


    - Full automatic drilling

    - High precision slide & rail construction

    - Integrated oil bath gearbox

    - Morse Taper 3 spindle 

    - External access to carbon brushes

    - Digital read - out

    - Intelligent electronics combine maximum drilling speed with increased cutter lifetime

    Technical data

    ANNULAR CUTTERS ø 12 - 55 mm (mild steel)
    TWIST DRILLS ø 1 - 23 mm
    COUNTERSINKING ø 10-60mm
    LENGTH 345 mm
    WIDTH 305 mm
    HEIGHT 490 - 660 mm
    STROKE 170 mm
    WEIGHT 15,8 kg
    MAGNET (L x W x H) 168 x 84 x 49 mm
    MAGNETIC FORCE 1850 kg
    MOTOR POWER 1600 W
    TOTAL POWER 1700 W
    SPEED (no load) (I) 275 min¯¹
      (II)500 min¯¹
    SPEED (load 1600W) (I) 275 min¯¹
      (II)500 min¯¹
    SPINDLE MT3 19.05 mm Weldon
    VOLTAGE 110 - 120 V / 50-60 Hz
      220 - 240 V / 50-60 Hz